Visit of PLANCKS 2016 in Bucharest

PLANCKS 2016. The third time for some of us at the PLANCKS Symposium. This time in Bucharest, Romania. From the OC 2017 Gerhard and Alexander visited the symposium to get some insights.

This year the opening symposium was split up to two days. On the first evening Ph.D. Nicolae Zamfir und Ph.D. Traian Dascalu had a presentation on the research topics of the University of Bucharest. In the morning of the second day Prof. Ph.D. Stefan Antohe und Prof. Ph.D. Sune Svanberg continued with the symposium.

After a short lunch break the teams were sent to separate rooms. This year the competition was set up in a school. Every team had a whole classroom for themselves, giving them the place and opportunity for doing some yoga between hard problems to refocus again. In the evening all participants and organizers went to the Quantum Club and discussed the problems of the competition over some drinks.


The award ceremony was set up the next day in the aula of the university. The winner was the team Charles’ Angels from Czech Republic followed by Smoluchowski’s team from Poland and smh tbh fam from Czech Republic.

So far, this was the official program. At night instead of sleeping, Gerhard and Alexander had meetings with the OC 2016 and organizers from the years before. They got useful hints what in the previous years worked well and what could have done better. In addition they set up a survey for the participants to get some feedback. From this they could see that the participants were enjoying the competition and got an idea who should speak on the opening symposium in Graz.

All in all Gerhard and Alex used this opportunity well to prepare themselves for PLANCKS 2017 and brought all the new gathered knowledge back to Graz.

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